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Life In Travel

Don't drink the delicious pee water

Is this really a problem?

The past year has thrown me into the speaking circuit and I am incredibly grateful. I’ve gotten the chance to get in front of other people in my field and teach them things about my experiences in the smart phone connectivity and infotainment space. This of course comes with more travel. I want to keep this short because I’m sure everyone has experienced these things, instead, it’s more of a quick rant. But of course you need a strong sense of sarcasm and light heartedness when reading. Enjoy, or don’t; it’s really up to you.
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CTIA Speaking Event!

Well I’m heading off to Las Vegas later today to attend the 2013 CTIA conference. This will be my first time attending and I’m looking forward to checking out all the cool and nerdy things. (And who doesn’t love a conference in Vegas!?!)

And of course iI wouldn’t be able to have a successful trip unless I got a chance to flap my gums in front of people. So I will be speaking at the App Summit event going on during CTIA. I will be co-presenting with Linda Senigaglia the Senior Director of Product Marketing at Navigation Solutions. They are a division of Hertz rental cars that creates the cool navigation devices that get put in the rental cars.

A visualization of all my business trips.

A visualization of all my business trips.

The talk is entitled Auto-Mobility and it is focused on some of the new technology going into the car making it more personalized experience. I will also be going through the sort of “state of Smartphone Connectivity” in regards to infotainment.

If you are attending the event, or just happen to be living in up in Vegas this week get a hold of me!