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Another Day, Another Deadline


That song is now stuck in your head

Here at Livio, we recently wrapped up version 5 of our product Livio Connect. Livio Connect is a protocol that connects smartphones with cars. The days started to become fewer as we approached the deadline, but the amount of work didn’t seem to let up. When it looked like we may be going past the deadline my boss, Jake Sigal, asked if we needed some more help. He would get more people to help with the project. This rang a bell for me, this was a perfect example of “Brooke’s Law.”

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MSU Impact on Michigan

MSU Impact on Michigan

Michigan State University launched a new site that shows how MSU has had an important role in strengthening the state of Michigan. This is just one example of how Michigan has such great universities that help mold incredible talent.  Go check it out and see just how much of an impact MSU students and alumni have on this great state!

I’m proud to be a Spartan and will bleed green forever.  
Go Green!