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A Liter? Of Cola? No! A LEADER! Ohh!

“Key Leaders Discuss How Detroit is Revolutionizing the IT Industry, Outpacing Silicon Valley”

Detroit at night

That’s right! I will be participating in a panel of key leaders on Thursday February 27, 2013! We will be discussing how the IT industry is growing right here in the Detroit Metro Area. So much so, that it is making people take notice! The topic really hits home for me…literally!!

I’m proud to say that I work in the area helping create a tech boom! Livio is a prime example of what cool and innovative tech can be created in the Detroit Metro Area. I will be sure to talk about this and more at the panel so stop by and get some insight on how things are going in the area!

The whole conference will be taking place at the Motor City Casino. Check out this link for more details!

Detroit Policy Conference 2013


The Anywhere Jukebox

Jukebox, close-up

I’ve always had a hard time creating playlists for parties. I don’t tend to listen to the top 40’s and I have no idea what kind of music people really want to hear at the party. So I’ve been working on a few solutions for finding a good way to allow for crowd sourced music curation, because I hate when people unplug the stereo to plug in their phone/mp3 player to listen to one song!! Most of the projects involve writing custom apps and running local web servers. However, in a dire need for a solution for an upcoming party that was only days away and no time to finish writing code I had an idea.

Spotify + collaborative playlists.

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