One of my favorite, under used mobile features

I’ve always hated typing in addresses to send someone a text when they ask for it or having to take an address sent to me and type it into a map/navigation app. I thought it was a huge advancement when my Android phone could recognize addresses and with a long press it would bring up a dialog to open the maps app. 


Recently I started using a feature that I just happend to stumble upon while trying to send someone my address. With my Android phone I am able to send a location through the Google Maps app. It will include a map view image and a Google maps URL that will take them to the location. On an Android phone you can open the Google Maps app and actually navigate to it making the process incredibly simple.

I really like the idea and when it works it’s great! Some people have told me it doesn’t work well for them though so I’m guessing there is a snag in the line somewhere. From what I’ve read, not all messaging apps know how to handle the MMS message correctly so it gets corrupted. It would be awesome if it got put into the MMS standard and more people knew  about it and used it.



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