MSU Impact on Michigan

MSU Impact on Michigan

Michigan State University launched a new site that shows how MSU has had an important role in strengthening the state of Michigan. This is just one example of how Michigan has such great universities that help mold incredible talent.  Go check it out and see just how much of an impact MSU students and alumni have on this great state!

I’m proud to be a Spartan and will bleed green forever.  
Go Green!


The Self-Inflicted Illness

Ignorance is a crippling disease as it spreads by airborne transmission past one person’s lips to another’s ears, who in return only starts the process over again. The epidemic cares not if you’re liberal or conservative, man or woman, white, black, purple or any color of the spectrum. It doesn’t care what god you pray to at night, or how much money you make. It is a virus that can only be stopped by the immunity called knowledge. This miracle drug is free of charge and available to anyone who seeks it. So instead of being guilty of transmitting this sickness, check your facts before you open your mouth and start the recovery.


A Liter? Of Cola? No! A LEADER! Ohh!

“Key Leaders Discuss How Detroit is Revolutionizing the IT Industry, Outpacing Silicon Valley”

Detroit at night

That’s right! I will be participating in a panel of key leaders on Thursday February 27, 2013! We will be discussing how the IT industry is growing right here in the Detroit Metro Area. So much so, that it is making people take notice! The topic really hits home for me…literally!!

I’m proud to say that I work in the area helping create a tech boom! Livio is a prime example of what cool and innovative tech can be created in the Detroit Metro Area. I will be sure to talk about this and more at the panel so stop by and get some insight on how things are going in the area!

The whole conference will be taking place at the Motor City Casino. Check out this link for more details!

Detroit Policy Conference 2013

The Anywhere Jukebox

Jukebox, close-up

I’ve always had a hard time creating playlists for parties. I don’t tend to listen to the top 40’s and I have no idea what kind of music people really want to hear at the party. So I’ve been working on a few solutions for finding a good way to allow for crowd sourced music curation, because I hate when people unplug the stereo to plug in their phone/mp3 player to listen to one song!! Most of the projects involve writing custom apps and running local web servers. However, in a dire need for a solution for an upcoming party that was only days away and no time to finish writing code I had an idea.

Spotify + collaborative playlists.

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Mobile Madness Motor City Panel

Mobile Madness Motor City Panel

Xconomy Forum: Mobile Madness Motor City
Livio’s Joey Grover, Roximity’s Daniel Newman, and GM’s Greg Ross (left to right) talked connected cars with moderator Joel Hoffman of Intel during a panel discussion.


Click the picture for a link to the full article.

I’m speaking at Mobile Madness Motor City Event

I’m speaking at Mobile Madness Motor City Event

Hey, if you are in the Detroit Metro area tomorrow (1/17/2013) you should come check out the Mobile Madness Motor City event. I will be on a panel with a few other professionals in the industry talking about mobile apps and their place in automotive space. It should be a pretty cool event!


Hope to see you there!



Well I got to do my first large publication interview…and it was live! Although the idea of “live” made me nervous for my first video gig, I had a lot of great things to say about Livio and the Michigan tech boom, including the new Freemium model that Livio is doing to help get smaller app companies into the automotive market. Not to mention the shout out to Big Ten schools!!

After finishing the interview the best advice I can give would be to remember there is a reason they are interviewing you. You’re the smartest person in the room on the subject you’re about to talk about, so be confident.

Check out the link to a video and brief article about Livio!

The Standard of Deviation – IMDA Presentation

The Standard of Deviation – IMDA Presentation

Well my first speaking gig at CES went well! The IMDA event was a great look at some of the current standards of internet media as well as some issues they are currently facing. I got to speak on how the lack of standards in the App Connectivity space is causing harm to the industry and the end user a like. Check out the link to my keynote slides! 

I had a chance to be make some great contacts. The IMDA members are defiantly on their game and it’s awesome to be a part of!